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A Business Consultant is not an “I told you so…” kind of person…

Vitalis Consulting is a boutique business consulting firm focused on helping businesses become exceedingly profitable. We focus on providing you with effective and proven growth strategies to get your business more profitable and streamline operations. Any business consultant can help you during the good times and grow your business to a new level. Only a few can assist you during your most challenging times, the times where you must choose between a hundred strategies to grow your business. We know you only need that 1 which will work perfectly.

As fellow entrepreneurs, we can say that we have been there as well. All entrepreneurs go through tough times, not knowing which direction is best. During these trying times, it is best to consult with a business consultant who knows the feeling. You should never hear the words “but we told you it is not the right choice” when asking for support.

You need a business consultant who understands what you are going through and who knows how to get you moving in the right direction. Obtaining external advice from someone who sees your business from the outside in, will provide you with valuable insight that is often overlooked when looking from the inside out.

We have assisted numerous businesses from almost 30 different industries to become great. Our business consultants are here to assist you to plan your way to great profits. The mantra we chose is “Building Your Profits” and we believe in it. We feel that it best depicts what we need to do for your business and we live up to it!

The beautiful city of Pretoria (we absolutely adore the purple Jacaranda Trees against the green landscape), which forms a part of the Tshwane Metro, houses our headquarters. The friendly city of Port Elizabeth, which forms a part of the Nelson Mandela Metro, houses our Eastern Cape offices. We serve clients across South Africa and we can easily build capacity to ensure we assist your business and satisfy your needs, wherever you decided to establish your business.