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About Us

At Vitalis Consulting, we do not believe "Building Your Profits" to be just our fancy mantra. For us, it is our founding principle, our philosophy, our guiding light, our belief, whatever you want to call it. Your profits determine our net worth.

Why you ask? Well its rather easy. When you ask us to assist and grow your business, you require some guidance, a nudge in the right direction, a pull away from the cliff or sometimes some light in the dark room. Nobody likes to wander around in the dark, not knowing which direction to go. That is why you need a guiding light, you need professional people, who have the best possible advice, strategies and experience to guide you.

Our Mission

We certainly did not invent the “Business Consulting Industry”, we did not define what it stands for and nor do we want to. At Vitalis Consulting, we would rather do what we do best, focus on improving your business and making it profitable.

We care about your business and its ability to make you money. This is why we believe that our business can only grow when your business grows, and in order to do this you need a plan.

We want to impact and grow as many businesses as possible and we are improving entrepreneurship one business at a time!

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A Business Turnaround (Turnaround) is a process of restructuring a company that is not operating as desired. Many entrepreneurs believe that only loss making businesses opt to go for a turnaround process. Contrary to popular belief, even profitable businesses have undergone a turnaround process.



Our Business Vitality Assessment is a complex, yet easy to implement, assessment to determine what the current state of your business is and where it is compared to the marketplace. This assessment provides you with the projects you need to implement in order to achieve your vision.



We have all heard the wonderful word “strategy”. But what does it mean for your business? What does business strategy entail? Richard Rumelt puts strategy into perspective by stating that strategy is simply: “discovering the critical factors in a situation and designing a way of coordinating and focusing actions to deal with those factors”.



Business Rescue (Rescue) is a relatively new process to the South African legal landscape. It forms a part of the Companies Act and is known as “Chapter 6”. It has now been a part of our legal landscape for just over 6 years. The process has assisted many businesses to become profitable once again.